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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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A Baby Shower Party is incomplete without gifts and words of wisdom here and there. The early tradition of Baby Shower had a lot to do with giving the mum-to-be gifts for the baby before the big day. Click here to read more about the history of Baby Showers.

Baby Shower gifts today, baby showers are much different from what it was long ago. Baby Shower Gifts today range from useful and practical to luxurious and expensive. We have made a list here of the popular Baby Shower gifts, we trust that you will find this list helpful in picking out a gift for a Baby Shower.

If you are the baby shower host, consider setting up a Baby Gift list using our wishlist (Click here to create a wishlist) feature on this website. This is very helpful to avoid duplicating presents. All you need to do is create a list and distribute to the guests at the time when you are giving out the invitations, then relax as we can take it up from there.

Baby Shower Gifts: The practical and essential items

The first type of baby shower gifts you should consider are those that the new parents will need to use immediately after baby is born. So you may consider getting any of the following;

Baby clothing items

There are so many baby clothing items out there in the market (bodysuits, baby gros, receiving blankets, socks, bootees and hats), so you do have a large variety to choose from. When buying the main thing to consider is the fabric that the clothes are made from; is it cotton, polyester etc. The last thing you want to do is buy something that will irritate the new baby’s skin. Also, ensure they are easy to change since too many buttons or snaps may be difficult for new parents to take on and off the baby. You may consider also buy nappies for the new parents, one fantastic way to present this is with a Nappy Cake. (Click here to see our Nappy Cakes collection). Nappy Cakes are a great gift because new mum never seem to have enough in the house so getting a nappy cake is a perfect baby shower gift.

Baby feeding items

Babies feed, feed, feed and feed again. So things like Bibs, bottles, bottle holders, breast pump (if mum is planning to breastfeed), Bottle Brush set, bottle sterilizing set  Feeding Spoon and Fork set, Baby Burp Towels, Baby Dishes (plastic), and bathrobe.

Baby’s Nursery Items

Cot mobiles, Cot beddings sets and mattresses are great items to give as baby shower gifts. Other items you may want to consider are soft toys, lovely wall photos, changing table set, nursery lamps, wooden toy box, nappy stackers etc

Baby health and grooming items

New babies need lots of love and tender loving care. Gift items that fit in this category are things like baby wipes, baby lotion, baby powder, baby manicure sets, thermometer, first aid kit and even changing bags! Items for bath time can also fit in this category; hooded towels, baby shampoo (go for the ‘no tears’ type), baby soap, baby bath toys and baby brush. You can also make up a laundry basket for mum to be. She will love this because new mums tend to do a lot of washing in the firsr few months, so every little helps! In this basket, you could have baby laundry detergent, fabric softener, gentle stain remover, pegs and some baby hangers. If you're budget permits or you are sharing the expense for the baby shower gift with some friends, You can arrange all these small items with tissue paper in the laundry basket and present to mum to be at the baby shower.

Baby Toys

There is a large variety of baby toys that you can choose from. One of the main considerations you should have is the age that the toy is suitable for. No matter what toy it is, they are always a great hit in a baby shower. You should also consider buying toys that will encourage the new baby to learn and develop his/her intellect. Items like baby DVDs, music CDs, talking books etc are a great choice.

Gifts for the parents

Pamper the parents-to-be with a gift voucher to a spa, book store, record store, or a nice gift such as baby hand and foot imprinting plaster. How about getting mum one of our Tummy Honey Stretch mark Gift pack set?  Click here to see more

Other Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Buying Shares for a new baby is a great way to invest in the baby’ future and makes a very unique gift. Other unique gifts are things like keepsake Silver Spoon or Rattle, vouchers for a baby portrait etc.

More Expensive Practical Baby Shower Gifts

Some gifts are a bit more expensive, but they are also very practical. Things like pushchairs, cots, baby changing table, baby car seat, baby high chair, baby swing (very helpful in most cases for sleeping and entertainment), bouncy seat, baby monitor, video monitor (wireless), Potty Chair, nappy bin,  baby playmat, Stair Gates and rocking chairs.

Fun and unusual

Ever heard of Baby Shower Coupons? We think they are great! Baby Shower Coupons are for those that want to give their time for their gift and don't have much money or you just want to do something really useful by yourself. It is fun to be creative and make baby shower coupons for the parents such as " 2- Hour Babysitting", "Cook for the parents two meals", etc. The parents to be will really appreciate this baby shower coupon gift book, especially for first time parents who appreciate the help!

It is our hope that this list will get you started and on your way. Please feel free to look at other areas of our site for great ideas on Baby Shower planning, Baby Shower Etiquette, Baby Shower Themes, Baby Shower Food, Baby Shower Gift Ideas, Baby Shower Games, Baby Shower Decorations, Baby Shower Invitations, Baby Shower Photography and Baby Shower Favours.

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